New social media tools empower citizen journalism

Washington (AFP) – It may be inside a demonstration rally, or in front of a fatal shooting. Social and Smartphones, video media are empowering citizens like never before to tell their narratives. This became clear with the live video before this month from Diamond

Twitter to stream US college sports

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Twitter on Thursday announced a deal to stream US school sports matches, fostering its live tv offerings as it attempts to entice more users and sales. Twitter will be the top streaming associate for PAC-12 Plus, a broadband network of

Pokemon-mania vindicates Nintendo’s mobile game shift

TOKYO (AFP) – With Pokemon-mania sweeping the planet, Nintendo’s nascent shift into mobile gaming has proved a huge hit, vindicating the Japanese videogame giant’s choice to unshackle itself from a longstanding games consoles-only policy. Since its launch smartphone game Pokemon Go topping the standings

German scientists seek way to end live chick shredding

Dresden (Germany) (AFP) – In a cellar of Dresden University, German scientists are active refining a technique that could save millions of downy chicks from being shredded to passing minutes after they hatch. The young hatchlings are generally condemned to a violent ending just

The Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2014

The biggest scientific breakthroughs of 2014 have impacted all facets of modern life, from medication, to the future of sustainable technologies, to space exploration. Scientists treating patients with new medications and techniques that are changing every day life for the human race and all