This Adorable Pitbull Found A Hilarious Way Around His Fear Of Doorways

Rescue dogs can occasionally come with some quirks and neurosis. Sometimes that stems from their situation prior to finding a forever home, but for Queso the pitbull it”s a little different.

Soon after owner Rhiannon Hamam brought him home at just 9-weeks-old, the gorgeous pup seemed wary of something sort of strange…]He was afraid of doorways and entering rooms. Hamam is pretty sure the odd behavior stems from their choice of flooring. “The hallways have hardwood floors, and the rooms are carpeted. When we first moved here, he slipped when crossing from one to the other, she explained to The Dodo, Hes been uncomfortable with the way the floor changes ever since.

But luckily for Queso, he discovered a hilarious loophole to his fear.

Sometimes a step backward is really a step forward!

Sometimes a step backward is really a step forward!

Proof that courage doesn”t always mean facing your fears head on.

Proof that courage doesn

His owners created this adorable compilation of his sweet way of entering rooms:

(via The Dodo.)

Hamam and her husband hope Queso”s brave backtracking will lead to overcoming the fear altogether, but regardless feel blessed to have the happy pup in their home at all. They think of him as an inspiration to anyone with phobias: you just have to find the right way around them.