Would You Eat This Neon-Colored Noodle Soup?

If you think its Play-doh, then youre completely mistaken.

These vibrantly-colored dishes which look like theyre made from modelling clay are in fact, edible. Kurare Raku, who identifies himself as a bad scientist, created the colorful variations of udon for the Unbelievable Science Festival held in Japan. He calls his recipe the Electrical Udon.

Kurare is a Japanese science writer whose major in college was Biochemistry.


Photo credit: Facebook/Kurare Raku
His bizarre-looking dish, the Electrical Udon, was composed of neon pink and green noodles, neon green broth, and blue tofu.


Photo credit: Twitter/KurareRaku
Another version had blue and purple noodles with blue broth and green tofu.


Photo credit: Twitter/KurareRaku

According to Raku, he used fluorescence chemicals to color the noodles. Although it looks totally different, the taste is similar to that of ordinary udon.

You can see how the udon is made in this video:

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Source: Metro, Munchies