What Went On At This Zoo In 1955 Is So Bizarre I Can’t Believe It’s Real. WHAT THE?

Denmark”s Copenhagen zoo was set up in 1859, making it one of Europe”s oldest zoological institutions. Over 27 acres are full of tourist attractions and animal enclosures. Regardless of what you feel about zoos in general, these classic images of Copenhagen”s zoo will blow you apart. In 1955, it was a time that is different. Individuals held many beliefs which are significantly different from modern ones. These pictures from that time are not really so usual, they look completely mad.

Come see Copenhagen”s zoo.

Come visit Copenhagen

Smoking chimps? Yeah, we’ve those.

Smoking chimps? Yeah, we have those.

When they”re not active hitting the snack bar.

When they

In addition , we understand the best way to keep our creatures happy.

We also know how to keep our animals happy.

Hippos are happiest when they”re drinking spirits.

Hippos are happiest when they

Leopards are supposed to play with little kids.

Leopards are meant to play with small children.

You also have to put on a suit, to play with penguins. Just like they do.

To play with penguins, you must also wear a suit. Just like they do.

Could I have a refill on my tea?

Could I have a refill on my tea?

It”s snuggle time!


Perhaps you can rent out the bear cubs.

Maybe you could even rent out the bear cubs.

This really is where we keep the cute all in the zoo.

This is where we keep all of the cute at the zoo.

The elephants undoubtedly could have had it

The elephants definitely could have had it better.

(Those chimps had an issue.)

(Those chimps had a problem.)

Back in the day Copenhagen had creatures that are uncommon.

Back in the day, even Copenhagen had rare animals.

Tigers like swimming, however they never enjoyed bathrooms as it happens.

As it turns out, tigers like swimming, but they never liked baths.

Before he understood he was getting a bath.

Before he realized he was getting a bath.


The line for the zoo would go round the block. It is still one of the most famous destinations in Denmark now.

The line for the zoo would go around the block. Today it remains one of the most popular destinations in Denmark.

Back in the day, folks had some definitely odd notions about what should occur at a zoo. One thing, however, is for certain: being a penguin waterer would be so much pleasure. These graphics are wild, share them!