Merry Christmas, Furry Friends, We Hope You Like Your Presents!

“Pets are individuals also,” is what some pet owners might say. While, biologically, it doesn”t make an excessive amount of sense, there’s some metaphorical truth to it, PARTICULARLY during the holidays. Giving is in the air and it doesn”t stop within our creature companies.

Nevertheless, recent studies show that a few creatures respond radically otherwise by giving them wrapped gifts, when us people spread the holiday cheer. Let”s analyze the findings.

1. Pups are the most zealous of the group, by far.

Pups are the most enthusiastic of the bunch, by far.

“What”s IN there?”

2. “But… where”s MY toy?”

"But... where

3. “Finally, it”s my turn to open my prezzy…”

"Finally, it

“But you made me wait so long, I”m not even into it anymore.”

4. “I don”t want your help! I am able to open it myself.”

"I don

5. There”s nothing quite like Christmas morning.


6. Cats, on the other hand, aren”t as enthusiastic on conforming to our peculiar, human conventions.

Cats, on the other hand, aren

7. They favor the mountains of split paper over anything else.

They prefer the mountains of torn paper over anything else.

8. … As well as the boxes.

...And the boxes.

9. “Oh, another toy mouse. I mean, I sorta needed that catnip bunny. However, this really is cool, I suppose…”

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