This Is How Dogs, Cats, And Other Animals Drink…And It’s All Super Weird

There are plenty of puzzles surrounding cats and dogs, including, “What are they thinking?” “Does my cat truly love me?” or “Does she only need me to feed her?” (The answer is yes to that last one.)

Science remains working on those more profound questions, but one thing that we do understand is how they lap up the water from their bowls. It may look like they”re doing the exact same thing – messily slurping it up – but creatures drink in completely different ways, and they”re all quite awesome. On the other hand, they”re also extremely strange.

Cat tongues are actually odd. Miniature hairs on the surface are what cause their kisses to be uncomfortable and scratchy. Very, science tells us that those hairs don”t play any part in the drinking procedure, as was once thought.

Cat tongues are really strange. Tiny hairs on the surface are what cause their kisses to be scratchy and uncomfortable. Incredibly, science tells us that those hairs don

The top layer of the liquid only touches with its tongue, and immediately pulls it upward. This creates a column of plain water.

The time of when the cat closes her jaw across the water (or milk) column is a must, as there”s a point when the liquid begins to fall back down, because of gravity.

The timing of when the cat closes her jaw around the water (or milk) column is crucial, as there

Cats” cheek muscles didn”t evolve in exactly the same manner ours did, so they can”t use suction to drink like we do. But development didn”t neglect them – the fluid winds up in the cat”s mouth anyway.

Dogs can”t use suction either, however they take an entirely distinct, sloppier strategy to the entire ordeal of drinking.

Dogs can

They launch their tongue into the liquid.

The dog”s tongue afterward curls back, developing a ladle.

The dog

And he pulls on the water right into his mouth.

Horses apply exactly the same type of suction that people use.

Horses employ the same kind of suction that humans use.

Same goes for sheep.

Same goes for sheep.

Pigs additionally slurp, only like us.

Pigs also slurp, just like us.

What about fish? Freshwater fish don”t really drink water, they just consume it through their skin and gills. Nevertheless, saltwater fish do drink water – their gills subsequently process the water, separating the salt out.

What about fish? Freshwater fish don

The Thorny Devil beverages with its skin.

The Thorny Devil drinks with its skin.

In the desert climate of the Australian Outback, this lizard”s scales are structured in such a style that rare levels of dew collect on its skin. The fluid is subsequently channeled into the corners of its own mouth, at which stage it is drunk by the small demon. A very helpful feature when there’s scarcely any pooled water to be seen in the desert.

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