Some People Are Bad At Their Job… And Then Theres These Employees.

A lot of folks dont enjoy their occupation, but despising it so substantially that you apparently go from the way to do the worst work potential? Seemingly, thats quite common too.

Youll be shocked to see how poor these workers are in the thing they rely on to cover clothing, food, and shelter. (Unless, obviously, youre one of these.) If so, thank you for taking a pause from your busy day of destroying everything to have a look at these workers that are so terrible.

1. In her defense, solitaire is a one-player game.

In her defense, solitaire is a one-player game.

2. “(APOLOGY)”

3. Mmm… only such as the humanoid raccoon that lifted me used to make!

Mmm... just like the humanoid raccoon that raised me used to make!

4. Well, they”re not incorrect.

Well, they

5. Pants? That”s assuming a lot, buddy.

Pants? That

6. Go for the… is there a medal for last place?

Go for the... is there a medal for last place?

7. The tartar sauce must truly weighs down that top bun.

That top bun must be really weighed down by the tartar sauce.

8. That’s some racism that is venti.

That is some venti racism.

9. You”re going to want a larger carton.


10. Eh, who must understand what”s happening in the planet anyhow?

Eh, who needs to know what

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