These 22 Cute Animals Could Either Use A Cup Of Coffee Or Seriously Need To Chill

We”ve all had those days, when it requires every ounce of your being to maintain your eyes open, when no amount of coffee can potentially keep you wake up. How could it be that world”s gravitation is focused completely in your eyelids? There”s nothing to do except fall asleep on that stranger”s shoulder on the bus or metro, or in that assembly about spreadsheets. But then there are the days where you can”t sit still. That one cup of weak coffee feels like life is simply humming with excitement and a couple gallons of espresso interior of you.

Turns out, our animal pals have those days, also (in case you hadn”t already seen). Here are 22 of them fighting to discover a balance.

1. This looked like a great spot to call it

This seemed like an ideal place to call it a day.

2. Aww, that giant pup head is soooo heavy.

Aww, that giant puppy head is soooo heavy.

3. “Wake up and grab the day!”

4. Allow the sleep wash over you, small kitten.

Let the sleep wash over you, little kitten.

5. I am able to hardcore link to this feeling.

I can hardcore relate to this feeling.

6. One too many cat-puccinos this morning, perhaps?

One too many cat-puccinos this morning, maybe?

7. Are you really speaking in your half-sleeping state?

Are you talking in your half-asleep state?

“I”m not… not. Sleepy.”

8. “I quit.”

9. Nothing like a round of indoor label on the other side of the countertops after one too many Red Bulls.

Nothing like a round of indoor tag across the counter-tops after one too many Red Bulls.

10. Nice grab! Rest your head, pup and might need to take after your buddy.

Nice catch! Might want to take after your friend and rest your head, pup.

11. “My morning coffee and paper makes me want to dance!”

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