These People Are Having Really Bad Days. Oh, Boy… I Thought Mine Was Bad.

If you”re having a poor day, there”s little you can do in order to mend it. In the event the horrible time you”re having isn”t as horrible as what you see below, though, maybe it”s time to quit whining. After all, you weren”t simply rammed by a specially ferocious sheep.

These folks are having such terrible days, they’ve apparently gone out of their approach to turn your day look like a complete success by comparison. Really, they”re that poor.

1. Oh, public transportation.

Oh, public transportation.

2. Beware of sheep.

Beware of sheep.

3. GeronimOUCH.


4. Coma me bro.

Coma me bro.

5. When you see it…

When you see it...

6. Is that a water balloon or a watermelon?

Is that a water balloon or a watermelon?

7. Now THAT damages.

Now THAT hurts.

8. Quicker than taking the lift.

Faster than taking the elevator.

9. This why you don”t flirt and drive.

This why you don

10. I expect they got their memorabilia picture free of charge.

I hope they at least got their souvenir photo for free.

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