These 35 Animals Were Busted Being Complete And Utter JERKS. Especially The Penguin In #8.

The food chain governs most, if not all, of the animal kingdom. Many folks understand the phrase “it”s a dog eat dog world,” and that”s due to the brutal fact of nature. The creatures that are powerful live and the poor get eaten or defeated. But, the powerful creatures aren”t the only ones that triumph. The jerks do, also. These hilariously horrible creatures redefine what a “dog eat dog” world is, because to them life isn”t just about living. It”s about making other creatures seem fully dumb, also.

1.) Aww… my sandwich…

1.) Aww... my sandwich...

2.) “Scuze me child.




4.) Kitten assault style… activate!

4.) Kitten attack mode... activate!

5.) Don”t mind me, I”m only becoming comfortable.

5.) Don

6.) Those dogs are constantly stealing the spotlight.

6.) Those dogs are always stealing the spotlight.

7.) DO! WANT!!!!

7.) DO! WANT!!!!

8.) Sneaky small git.

8.) Sneaky little git.

9.) Don”t trust turtles.

9.) Don

10.) YOINK.

10.) YOINK.

11.) I”d like to taste the rainbow now, please.

11.) I

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