These 32 Pranks Are Equally Awesome And Awful. Tricks, Treats And Hilarity.

There”s nothing quite like a great prank. Unfortunately, that”s something these people needed to learn the hard way. Locating a method to bring happiness to people”s lives is an excellent target to get, even if it”s at someone else”s expense (even a bit).

Perhaps you can take some inspiration out of their uproarious misfortune, particularly #11. After all, Halloween is right around the corner.

1. The furniture is living, and it”s seeking revenge.

The furniture is alive, and it

2. Nothing like scaring the hell out of fishermen.

Nothing like scaring the hell out of fishermen.

3. That will definitely wake you up.

That will certainly wake you up.

4. Nearly aesthetic.

Almost artistic.

5. “We come in peace.”

6. “I am carton beast!”

7. Physics is amazing.

Physics is awesome.

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