The World Is A Weird Place, According To Google Earth. These 18 Images Are Awesome And Wrong.

Google Earth altered the way people investigate the world. Yet, technology doesn”t always work as advertised. Landscapes will occasionally warp into fascinating works of contemporary artwork.

This kind of glitching occurs because of its pictures are created by Google Earth. The procedure is called texture mapping. It entails overlaying a satellite image that is flat with a 3D terrain map. It”s a lot like placing a label on a soda bottle.

This works pretty well most of the time, but every so often, Google”s algorithms mess up attempting to elongate a 2D picture over a 3D landscape. The end result is a rather ridiculous distortion of the landscape.

Brooklyn artist Clement Valla spends his time scouring Google for all these type of screwups and records them on his web site. Take a look at a few we believed were famous.

1. Hello dangerous highway.

Hello dangerous highway.

2. Looks like a bumpy road.

Looks like a bumpy road.

3. This one is not truly good. Seems like the Golden Gate Bridge is falling.

This one is really bad. Looks like the Golden Gate Bridge is collapsing.

4. Picture a world where we really constructed bridges in this way.

Imagine a world where we actually built bridges like this.

5. The super highway to somewhere….

The super highway to somewhere....

6. This would make a fantastic bit of modern artwork that is abstract.

This would make an amazing piece of abstract modern art.

7. Something”s not quite appropriate with the wavy highway.


8. Oh foolish Google Earth.

Oh silly Google Earth.

9. That”s a steep drop.


10. “Oh don”t mind me. I don”t understand the notion of depth.”

"Oh don

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