PTA Outs 3G / 4G QoS Survey Results for 2015

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority now released the results for its recently ran Quality of Service Survey results for mobile operators 2G, 3G and 4G services. This is authoritys first QoS survey after the auction of 3G/4G spectrum.

PTA said that results are based on Quality of Service survey that it conducted during 2015 in various cities across Pakistan.

QoS Survey Results for 3G Services

Mobilink topped the charts for their 3G services with typical download speeds of 4.04Mbps and typical upload rates of 3.17Mbps on its network.

Zong stayed second with typical download speed of 3.66Mbps and typical upload rate of 2.93Mbps across various cities of Pakistan.

Telenor scored typical download speeds of 2.22 Mbps and typical upload speeds of 1Mbps while Ufones typical download speed stood at 1.27Mbps and typical upload speeds of 1Mbps.

Certainly the 10Mhz blocks of 3G spectrum helped Mobilink and Zong to offer better consumers 3G speeds.


QoS Survey Results for 4G Services

There are now two 4G operators in state and Zong topped the 4G speeds with 9.4Mbps typical download speed and 6.1Mbps of typical download speeds.

Warid, the other 4G operator, managed to reach 5.95Mbps of typical download speeds and 2.9Mbps of typical upload speeds for its 4G LTE services.


QoS Survey Results for 2G Services

2G services for all operators stayed with-in the defined threshold levels, except for couple of examples. Overall 2G services stayed above standard and nearly all operators were closely rated for bulk of 2G KPIs.

  • Moblink topped for network uptime with a total of 0.23% of downtime experienced on its network
  • Telenor topped for Level of Service with 0.55%
  • Telenor stayed most reachable network with 99.56% availability
  • Mobilink scored finest for call connection time with 5.04 seconds
  • Warid stayed greatest for call completion ratio with 99.54%
  • Telenors End to End Call quality stayed finest with 3.78 MOS (Read below note for more information on this)
  • Ufone and Warid scored 100% for Inter System Handover of CS voice
  • Warid topped for end to end SMS delivery time with 3.1 seconds

Note: MOS or Mean Opinion Score is. MOS scores ranges from 1 for worst quality to 5 for exceptional quality of call.


City shrewd 3G QoS KPIs for Mobilink


City shrewd 3G QoS KPIs for Ufone


City shrewd 3G QoS KPIs for Telenor


City shrewd 3G QoS KPIs for Zong


City shrewd 4G QoS KPIs for Zong


City shrewd 4G QoS KPIs for Warid