These 21 Gifs Are The Epitome Of Laziness – And It’s Awesome

Most folks are indolent. If we could, we probably wouldn”t do anything all day. The perfect life for many individuals would be lie around all day, to not have a job, and possibly get up to shower and eat once every so often.

But laziness is taken by many people to new extremes. Looking at these gifs will force you to feel so slack that you just might really fall asleep at your desk.

1. Didn”t even feel it.


2. Can”t. Go. On.


3. No, you draw.

No, you fetch.

4. You only have to take me home.

You can just carry me home.

5. If you pull me to the ball, perhaps I”ll get it.

If you drag me to the ball, maybe I

6. I”m coming down!


7. Father of the year.

Dad of the year.

8. I”ll be down in two seconds.


9. This is only silly.

Now this is just ridiculous.

10. Work it, Homer.

Work it, Homer.

11. Worker of the month.

Employee of the month.

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