You likely understand about the Elon Musk’s unsuccessful efforts to make rockets reusable with its Space X space endeavor that’s a contractor of NASA. But. I don’t believe many of you’d recall our post on Jeff Bezos and his comparatively unknown Blue Origin Space program’s efforts at making reusable rockets for NASA. Although Space X has got most of the limelight in recent times, it’s as it’s lately declared the successful retrieval of a BE-3 Blue Origin that struck Gold rocket thereby making these high-priced onetime fuel tanks

This technology is important for future space travel as it is going to drastically reduce all the prices required in the ultra-high-priced space programs and enable more and more individuals and gear to go through space. These reusable rockets, if included in time, could be used for multiple assignments since the next destination is Mars. This would enable the space agency to keep a supply line to the red planet for folks residing there and attempting to learn more about the world since NASA could just intend a few because of excessive prices.

The Blue Origin’s Shepherd Space Capsule is touted to be the next generation passenger cabin for the gear and the crew. After the launching, the space capsule landed with parachutes and came back, but this is. The BE3 rocket after using most of its fuel fell back towards Earth, but fire its remaining fuel at about 5000 feet above the earth and was competent to make a historical restricted touchdown while facing a light 4.4 miles per hour wind. Its Falcon rocket constantly got imbalanced and blew up on impact, although space X had been attempting to make this type of touchdown.

blue origin rocket landing2

Jeff Bezos won this round of the fight between both well-known technology billionaires. There’s been no answer from the Elon Musk camp, but the only thing that can be regarded as an answer that is competitive is a successful touchdown of its own rocket.

Here is the footage of the famed touchdown from Blue Origin. This wholesome rivalry may spell rocket warfare that are greater for us to see. Can’t wait for the next round!

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