Chinese man pays 660,000 coins for new car

A Chinese man has paid for his new automobile using value banknotes, the BBC reported coins and 20,000 low 660,000.

The buyer handed over the enormous catch of little change to a car dealer in the northeast city of Shenyang, the Liaoshen Evening News reports. Each coin and note was worth only one yuan ($0.16; 10p), and the substantial amount, weighing four tonnes in total, took up more than 4m (13ft) of floor space within the showroom, the report says.


Mr Gan clarifies that he paid in cash because he’d amassed a tremendous quantity of notes and small denomination coins through the petrol station where he works.

There are not many banks As our station is in the suburbs. So we determined to use them to purchase a car for our business,” he says and didn’t deposit the coins.

Staff was warned by the buyer about his uncommon payment system at the car dealership ahead of time, and the cash was rolled in little packages.


But it presented a logistical challenge – workers wanted more than an hour to transfer all the cash into the showroom. They subsequently had the unenviable job of taking it to the bank and assembling it all up.