A fresh DIY kit has surfaced on the horizon, and it’s requiring the medical world by storm. Nightscout is an open source platform developed and run completely by an international community of type 1 diabetics. The motivation behind it – the same every DIY job has – they need to take matters into their own hands!

Open source jobs mean they’re freely accessible for anyone to use and change, but they’ll do it at their own risk. This has been the tendency with the diabetics patients for years now, and we hear about their discouragement over their drawbacks and the conventional approaches. This contains a loosely ordered system of the consumption of insulin, a material that is dangerous if taken in large amounts. Additionally, the extensive and dangerous approach to checking the blood sugar level by pricking additionally adds to their woes.

Thus the launch of Nighscout’s merchandise is just natural. It’s a commercial product called a Continuing Glucose Monitor (CGM), which is programmed to supply continuous updates about the blood sugar level of a patient. In addition, it includes a DIY transmitter and the open source Nightscout programming code, allowing the CGM information to be transferred and shared with a cloud data storage service.





Credits: nightscout

Credits: nightscout

It gives the patients unbelievable independence and peace, understanding that they are going to get 24 hours real time updates on their blood sugar level. This implies the reluctant and once cautious to being daring patients are now able to be proactive and worry free to go about their day-to-day company.

Here’s an infographic on how this technology functions:

Pic credits: nightscout

Image credits: nightscout

But ofcourse, this technology isn’t without its dangers. It’s an open source applications doing calibrations that are estimated. Since it not an algorithm that is authorized it definitely cannot and shouldn’t be trusted with eyes that are shut. It’s not really going to be just the same as the algorithms that are proprietary.

Therefore it is a bittersweet scenario for their families and the patients, but when comparing pros with disadvantages – the sensible conclusion would be to adopt this technology. Its edges are additionally emphasized when compared with similar commercial products like Dexcom G5 programs which are extremely pricey and just operate with Apple apparatus, costing thousands of pounds annually.

View a video on how this unbelievable technology works:


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